We are sorry to say that this years event has been cancelled – please watch this space for further information.


What to bring

All riders to carry:

  • A form of identification showing their name, address and the contact details of a person to be advised in the event of an accident.
  • Food, drink, money, a mobile phone, spare inner tubes, a working pump, a basic tool kit and spare clothing sufficient to complete the ride being undertaken, taking into account the route and possible adverse weather conditions.
  • Organisers must also remind riders that the event is run on public roads and trails and that all riders are expected to obey the Highway Code and/or the Countryside Code as appropriate – the riders represent our event and inconsiderate or illegal riding could lead to our event being refused permission to run in future



  • This is a challenge event; it is NOT a race, although obviously you can do personal timings.
  • You will receive your number at Norbury Village Hall check-in; and you MUST wear your number – you are required to show your number to have it recorded at checkpoints, so that we know you have completed the section. This is for your SAFETY –and gives us a fast heads-up if anyone should be missing.  Marshals will record them as fast as possible but there may be backlogs, please be patient.
  • Once you have registered and received your number then you are free to prepare for the challenge and the massed start at 10am.
  • Late arrivals will be allowed until 10:30am to start the event, after that time you will not be allowed to depart.
  • Marshalls all wear fluorescent jackets.
  • There are two checkpoints, as well as the start/finish checkpoint where your number is noted for safety.
  • There is a food station which is situated about half way round the route.
  • There are roads to be crossed, which may or may not be busy, and you must obey the marshals at that site, who will allow you to cross only when they deem it safe to do so.  They will not be stopping traffic!
  • The route is clearly marked with black arrows on florescent board plus course tape.  There are also signs indicating when a road crossing is coming up.
  • The route is in 4 sections. A ‘sweeper’ follows the riders to ensure the section is clear before closing it.
  • Vehicles and items within them are left entirely at the owners risk in the event carpark or other facility. The organisers and event sponsors accept no liability for any losses there, or on the route.
  • On completion of the event please ensure that you pass through the finish line so your rider no is registered before leaving the area.
  • Scrutineering. There is no formal scrutineering, BUT the Safety Officer reserves the right to refuse permission to start if the bike or rider is ill equipped or in a condition that presents unacceptable risk to the rider and/or organisers.

E Bike Policy

With E-bike popularity on the increase riders have been asking if they are allowed on the Batch Burner and where they stand out on course alongside our human powered bikes. Here are our guidelines:

E Bikes are helping make mountain biking more inclusive which opens our event to more riders which is a good thing. However we need to consider a few aspects.

  • As with all bikes and in line with British Cycling guidelines “must be capable of safely and efficiently completing the task and must, as a minimum, be mechanically sound, have efficient brakes”. Also all e-bikes must be UK legal, so have pedals that propel it and the electric motor won’t assist you travelling more than 25km/h (15.5 mph) and the power doesn’t exceed 250 watts.  This is in line with UK legislation and EU law EN15194. Unsafe e-bikes, along with any unsafe cycles at the event will be excluded.
  • During the event we will not be able to offer any charging facilities at the Start/Finish area or out on course, please ensure that you are fully charged before you arrive. We will continue to offer a broom wagon but flat batteries may not be prioritised for recovery and recovery may be delayed due to waiting for an appropriate vehicle.
  • Although the Batch Burner is not competitive we do offer event timing to see how you compare to your mates. Therefore at sign on please let us know if you are on an e-bike and we will identify an e-bike category on the timing list.

Above all we want everyone to continue to enjoy the event and have fun on the day and enjoy the ride.


Getting here

  • The car park opens 8am and will be signposted and marshalled from the road, please follow the car park marshals directions.
  • From the A49 take the A489 towards Lyndham and Church Stoke. Just past the left turn for Bishops Castle take the right turn towards Norbury, follow this road until you see the event signs.

Batch Burner Start Line


Will be open from 8.00am in the marquee.  All we need is your name and to make sure we have your mobile number and emergency mobile number.  There will be a mass start at 10am

After the ride, a bar and barbeque opens, with live music from 1:30pm.


Check point details:

If you feel you are unable to complete the course, please try to drop-out at a checkpoint and inform a marshal. Depending on the circumstances you can either phone-a-friend or we will arrange to transport you back to the start at Norbury Village Hall (this might involve a wait).

Should you be taken ill or sustain an injury, please stay on the track.  The “sweeper” will find you and/or ask others to let a marshal know so that you can be rescued.  We have trained first aiders along the route and four-wheel drive vehicles



The feed station located approximately half way around the course will offer items like flapjack and banana, plus water to re fuel.  There will also be some Jelly sweets for a sugar hit.

When you complete the event please swap your number for a ticket which you can use at the BBQ in the start/finish area. Masses of homemade cake and tea will be available for purchase.



Portaloo’s will be available on site


Around 3600 Feet of Climbing

For 2020 the Batch Burner has over 45km or 28 miles of trails and over 3600ft of climbing, much of which is on Private Land, hope you have done your training.


More Information, future Batch Burners

We are hoping to make this an annual event at the same time each year so if you enjoyed it tell your friends, if not, tell us!



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