'Last night I went to see the rock band 'The Steve Day Band' This is the third time I have seen this band in Wolverhampton. Fronted by Steve Day on Lead Guitar and Vocals with Ron Owen providing Bass and Phil Wilson on drums. Steve is an absolute wizard of the guitar fret board with an individualistic style and powerful vocals. He led the band through unique tributes to Hendrix and Clapton with offerings of Pink Floyd and the Beatles. However this is no ordinary 'Covers' band, each song is given a fresh and spontaneous interpretation with that unique 'Steve Day' style and sound. Steve's powerful and explosive guitar is proving hugely popular in the pubs and clubs of Wolverhampton, the band have an army of fans that follow them to every gig. Go and see this band - this music comes along far too seldom to miss.' Paul Messenger 2003

'You're listening to one of the best guitarists in the world - in a pub in Bilston!' Professional Singer.

'The Hendrix stuff is just amazing!' Hendrix Fan Wolverhampton

'He is better than our lads' A Hamster Roadie

'I have been playing in bands for 20 years and I haven't heard anyone who can touch Steve. Absolutely brilliant, I don't know how he does it!' Ron Owen Bass Player

'The best guitar player I have ever seen or heard on record, TV or radio.' The Surgery Rock Venue

“You played Hendrix but you went further” Photographer for Shrewsbury chronicle at Farmer Phil’s 2007

“You have gotta hear this guy…Jimi Hendrix himself would get out of his grave and applaud this man” Mark Milton Keynes

“A friend at a gig said you should stop and see this guy play guitar…I said I don’t care if he’s Jango Reinhardt…my daughter has my dinner ready in ten minutes and in ten minutes im going home…I stayed for over three hours…does that tell you something…?” Fellow Musician Wolverhampton

“What can I say…? The blokes a legend!” Dave Landlord the Appleshed Bridgnorth

“Steve I am desolated to hear that you are still struggling. Anyone who can play guitar like you do should be a millionaire!” David Grant Author

“The best guitarist I have seen in 15 years of big concerts, awesome, a guitar god! “ (Fellow guitarist)

“The master!” Simon Golding Author

“Think of the all the best guitarists you can...this guy is better!” Telford Fan.

“Never heard anything like it...blown away.” (Fellow guitarist)

“I’m going home and burning my guitar.” (Fellow guitarist)

“I’m going home and burning my guitar.” (Another fellow guitarist)

“Phenomenal!” (Mick Keef Bass Guitarist)

“The man! “ (Wolverhampton Bikers)

“Hendrix Reborn!” (Rock DJ)

“O my God! I’m on my feet…somebody phone an ambulance, I’ve collapsed…the hairs on the back of my neck are standing on end…that was absolutely superb…absolutely brilliant…that was so good…you have to see it to believe it…that was so good…I need to sit down…” Radio Shropshire DJ after live session 2006

“Genius” Simon Blackburne

“Phenomenal” Bobby Breeze

“He’s not James Marshall Hendrix…but he can play like him…!” Richard Roby Drummer

“Steve Day Rock Star…Plays Electric like Jimi Hendrix and Acoustic like Neil Young” Simon Blackburn (Space Cadet)

“A guitar god” Carl Stokes Drummer

“Everybody knows he is a genius…but where do we put him…the guitar is part of his body…It’s an honor to just know him” Tony Eastment Drummer

“My guitar hero…I just wanna play with him again” Paul Telford drummer

“I thought it was the real thing…Hendrix playing Hey Joe on the juke box…and he was only tuning up!” Dave Knight Shrewsbury

“We all think you’re mental on the guitar Steve…but that’s what makes you Steve Day…and if you weren’t you’d just be some other bugger trying to imitate you, but they cant because there’s only one Steve Day, there’s only one.” (Steve Sheppard)

“How can you play Hendrix better than Hendrix???” (Shrewsbury fan)

“He is a genius singer and songwriter” The Reverend Steve Thayne (Poet)

“A major player masquerading as a minnow” Steve Smith

“Awesome!…Jimi Hendrix reincarnated!” Carole Smith


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