Stretton Hills Biking

Supporting the Batch Burner since day one, the team behind Stretton Hills Biking (Stretton internet) have been responsible for designing our original Batch Burner logo and giving us a platform for event information before we set up along with promoting the event.

Stretton Hills Biking was developed by a group of enthusiastic bikers and aims to provide information about biking in and around the Stretton Hills area, for both local riders and those from further afield.


Designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Shropshire Hills are recognised as one of Britain’s finest landscapes and the Stretton Hills are part of this landscape.



British Cycling

For 2017 British Cycling will once again be processing entries, supporting and promoting the Long Mynd Batch Burner, our BC page is now live. Be ready to enter by having your BC account open in advance. Entries open Sunday 29th January 2017 at 7:30pm, be ready to get signed up.

Please note, you do not have to be a British Cycling member to enter the event. As part of the entry procedure you will be offered British Cycling membership options at additional cost, just click "no thanks" to enter the event without membership. Of course their are plenty of reasons to join British Cycling and its probably best to take a look at that when your not trying to get your Batch Burner entry sorted. 


Raynet mast news

With Safety being at the top of our priority list when we organise the Batch Burner, communication between our marshals and event control is vital to responding to incidents and tracking rider’s locations. Although we live in a digital age, mobile phone reception can still be inconsistent on the Long Mynd so we need a reliable communication system for spreading the word.

That’s where Raynet (The Radio Amateurs’ Emergency Network) step in, the UK’s national voluntary communications service provided by licensed radio amateurs. Raynet have pledged to support our marshals so we can reliably communicate between checkpoints. In preparation they have been out checking their radio masts at Norbury School to make sure everything works on event day.