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Headteacher: Mr. L.P. Ball


29th December 2014


Dear riders,

As the time rapidly approaches when you can enter for the 2015 Long Mynd Batch Burner, I thought it a good time to let you know what an amazing difference the 2014 event made to our wonderful little school.

Last year’s event was a terrific success and raised over £9600 from entry fees and the sale of cakes, teas, hot dogs and beer etc. on the day. Every single penny of this has been, or will be spent directly on our children, with the vast majority of funds providing them with exciting, adventurous and practical experiences which will remain with them for life. We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to be adventurous and learn to manage risks for themselves, but most importantly to thoroughly enjoy their time at primary school. We also believe that this philosophy aids their achievements in all aspects of learning including academically; in November 2014 Ofsted agreed with us and judged our school to be outstanding in all areas. They were particularly impressed by the impact of fund raising from The Batch Burner. Thank you.

Over the past year the funding which you have helped to generate has provided many amazing activities. For example: a four day residential trip for Years Four, Five and Six to New Quay, Wales where children completed a two day dinghy sailing course (at sea), went kayaking, climbing, dry slope skiing and paddle boarding; a two day trip to the same venue for our younger children (some of whom were only six!) where they took part in kayaking, climbing, rock pooling and enjoyed a very muddy assault course. Our older children have also benefitted from completing silver level of The John Muir Award, which provided them with six days of adventure on The Stiperstones, culminating with them guiding our friends from Graiseley School, Wolverhampton around a very challenging circuit without adult help; a superb achievement. Next year the same group aims to complete the gold level and climb Snowdon. In addition to these events each class also benefited from one off-site activity every term which has included trips to the theatre, various castles, cities and educational sites such as Jodrell bank Space Centre, all of which made our learning so memorable and such fun.

 Looking forward to 2015, we have already planned some incredible activities to be partly funded by the Batch Burner. We will be taking a group of children to France for four days and our younger children will be visiting Llangollen for two days of fun including gorge walking, canoeing and rock climbing. Even more exciting still we will be starting an adventure club where one of our regular activities will be mountain biking on the Long Mynd; we will even be hiring quality bikes for those who do not own their own.

The greatest thing about the support which you give us is that it enables all children to take part in every event, regardless of financial circumstances and this makes all the difference, so thank you for making all this possible.

We sincerely hope that we will see you again on the 6th June 2015; we’ll entertain you with our ukuleles (whatever the weather), keep you going with our amazing energy bars and food stations and get your bike clean afterwards while you enjoy a hot dog, a few drinks and some great music.

We look forward to seeing you there for another memorable day.

 Les Ball