Ransfords Timber Specialists: Thanks for the ongoing support

Back in 2013 we approached a local timber merchant as we needed to get some wooden stakes to help mark out the start/finish area, car park and the course, holding up event signs and linking the course tape to help riders find their way. Six years later and 100’s of timber steaks later local timber merchant Ransfords in Bishops castle are still happily delivering supplies for free to help us keep down the cost of running the event so that we can maximise the funds for charity.

For 2018 Ransfords have gone above and beyond to not only supply our annual stake delivery but to supply the materials to create a new decking area outside of one of the classrooms at Norbury School giving the teachers more opportunities to take learning outdoors.



Huge thanks for the ongoing support, if you need a timber specialist with roots in the local community we can vouch for the quality of what these guys do and how they do it.