2016 Batch Burner Route

Every year, we aim to provide a challenging off road course showcasing the best of the Long Mynd’s trails. Maximising the off road trails but being sympathetic to other trail users, local residents, land owners and farmers plus being mindful of the local wildlife and live stock and avoiding the many areas of scientific and archaeological interest. Putting a successful route together is indeed a challenge. For 2016 we have had great support from local land owners and the new route is looking epic with around 50% of the route using private land with access only granted for event day.

Please respect the access laws and don’t try to ride the course at any other time, this will help us with access in future years.


The final sections of the route will also be weather reliant, in wet conditions the terrain will be difficult to pass and easily damaged so we have a diversion ready to deploy if the weather is not on our side.


We are very excited about the 2016 route; it will show how vast and beautiful the area is. Enjoy.